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Tap into the potential of your employees


Undisciplined employees will drain your resources and stump the growth of your company. A systematic approach towards improving discipline will release the untapped potential of your employees...  

A vital resource

Employees are a key (in most cases the key) resource in any organisation. But unlike most other resources, employees adapt their behaviour to their environment. In the absence of standards and discipline, employees will set their own, which will inevitably degrade to the lowest common denominator of observed behaviour. The consequences of this are poor productivity or sub-standard quality of work performed. Left unchecked, a company can very easily lose its competitive edge or not realise its true profit potential because of this excessive overhead.

Change is inevitable

By enforcing standards and discipline, through a series of corrective actions, employees will be given the option to either comply, or face an ever increasing response from the company. The job security of all employees therefore depends on them upholding their end of their employment contracts, which is in effect to make money for the company. Fortunately, the vast majority of employees respond positively to corrective action and do change their behaviour, resulting in more “bang for your (employee) buck”, so to speak

What changes to expect

The areas of improvement will depend largely on the rules (code of conduct) that you set up i.e. what you decide to measure employees on. This could range from the way customers are handled, paperwork is processed, care is given to company assets, quality of work done, wastage of materials etc. Think of the areas in your business that need attention. Now imagine the impact that this will have on your bottom line (and sanity), when they are solved.

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