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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I make backups of my data?


​Yes. As with any information that is important to your organisation, regular backups are necessary and LabourPro® has a user friendly back-up and restore function to facilitate this.



Can I still be taken to the CCMA if I use LabourPro®?


​If an employee claims that he was unfairly dismissed, the CCMA must investigate this claim and you will be required to go there and prove that the dismissal was fair. However, if you continue to win your cases, dismissed employees will be reluctant to make this claim and this will save you many wasted hours. Countless customers have given us feedback on the fact that their CCMA cases have reduced drastically since implementing LabourPro®. 



Can LabourPro® accommodate changes in labour law?


​Yes. LabourPro® has an automatic update feature that keeps your program current with the law. This also allows you to receive any additional modules that have been released. These updates are free of charge.



Can LabourPro® be used over a network with different users?


​Yes. LabourPro® can be used over a network but this is only possible in the Classic and Professional Editions.



I am not experienced in labour law, can I still use LabourPro®?


​Yes. LabourPro® was developed to fulfil two requirements. Firstly, to enable a person, that does not have a background in labour law, to process disciplinary action in the correct manner by automating the procedures, document selection and printing. Secondly, to dramatically reduce the amount of time that it takes to perform disciplinary actions; warnings can be issued in as little as 60 seconds.



What restrictions are there on the trial version?


​The trial version has 5 pre-loaded employees that cannot be changed. The rest of the program is fully functional and is valid for a period of 30 days. You can however arrange for a try before you make a purchase, which will allow you to actually use and evaluate our software with your own employees, by contacting our offices on 0861 522 776 (0861 LAB PRO)



Will I need training to use LabourPro®?


​The skill level required to use LabourPro® is very low and only takes about fifteen minutes to learn how to use the program to issue warnings. LabourPro® also has a comprehensive manual that ships with the product to assist you, every step of the way. However, if you still require additional training this can be arranged by contacting us.



Will I still need a labour consultant if I use LabourPro®?


​No. You will not need a labour consultant for the processing of day to day offences, which is by far the bulk of the disciplinary processing that occurs in the organisation. You may however wish to use consultants for technical legal issues. E.g. I have laid a charge with the police against an employee that was caught stealing, should I also take disciplinary action against him? (Incidentally the answer is yes). These types of questions can easily be answered by a qualified labour lawyer/consultant and it is advised that you make use of them in these situations. Labour consultants can also be used to chair hearings for you, although you are within your rights to do this yourself.



Will I still need to file employee records on paper?


​Yes, but LabourPro® prints out all the necessary documents for you. These documents must be signed (by the employee or a witness) as proof of receipt.









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