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Professional Edition

LabourPro Professional Edition has all of the features included in Classic Edition, but places more emphasis on disciplinary management.


Professional Edition gives you a truly global perspective of your company’s disciplinary status, allowing you to spot trends and analyse data in a way that has never been possible before. Reports can show you the offences that have occurred most over any given period and show you cyclical trends that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. 

The package includes a code of conduct that can be edited to reflect and grade the specific rules of your organisation. This can then be printed from the system, so that employees are made aware of the company rules and what the consequences are for breaking them.

At hearings you have the ability to see all sanctions that have been made at past hearings, concerning a particular or similar offence, ensuring consistency when making these critical determinations. Included in this package is the case-builder™ which assists you to prepare for a hearing by allowing you to list your evidence and what it will show, as well as your witnesses and the questions they will be asked in order to prove your case. Professional Edition also allows you to attach any electronic media to a specific offence (scanned in documentation, voice recordings or video evidence) making all of this information readily available to you.

Main Benifits of Professional Edition

Process a warning in 4 simple steps


                                          Step 1                                  Step 2                                  Step 3                                     Step 4 

 Select the employee

Select the offence

Fill in a few details

Print the warning 

The LabourLOGIC™ processor does all the work for you. It checks your code of conduct to determine the severity of the offence, and considers the employee’s history of valid offences. Based on information it automatically determines the appropriate sanction, selects the correct document and transfers all the relevant information to it. All you have to do is click the print button.Because all of the hard work is done for you, a warning should take less than two minutes to process.

Keeping things fair  

To assist you with fairness (a requirement in terms of the Labour Relations Act) LabourPro® Professional Edition has a built in Guilt Wizard™ that takes you through a 3 step process to ensure that you have made the necessary considerations before disciplining an employee.

Guilt Wizard

Fast corrective action

In order to truly correct an employee’s behaviour, counselling should be conducted. This gives the company the opportunity to explain to the employee why the rule exists, how it affects the company when the rule is broken, and what measures the employee could possibly take to avoid breaking the rule again in the future. This obviously involves a lot of typing. To speed up this process LabourPro Professional Edition® contains the auto-counselling feature. This allows you to create a list of possible counselling messages, and then simply select the relevant ones from that list when you are processing disciplinary action.

Auto Counselling

Process hearings from start to finish

LabourPro® Professional Edition will also assist you to conduct hearings. You will be able to schedule the hearing (with system parameters ensuring that this is done within a legal timeframe) and then print out various documents, including the all important “notification of hearing”, that informs the employee of the charges that he will be facing as well as the rights that he has leading up to, during, and after the hearing.

Findings and sanctions can be assisgned, and your final decision can then be communicated to the employee, e.g. dismissal letter

Notification of disciplinary hearing

View the full history of any employee’s offences

The employee offence history table will give you access to any employee's full history of offences. This includes both active and expired offences (by law all warnings must expire after a certain amount of time), or the ability to view a combination of both lists.

From this table you can drill down to view the full details of any offence. The employee’s disciplinary history can also be printed out to show the summary of the procedures that were followed, and used at disciplinary hearings or the CCMA.


Offence History

Global Overviews 


Global Overviw

The global overviews in Professional Edition give you a complete  perspective of the disciplinary status of your organisation. These records can be sorted or filtered in many useful ways to provide specific information for the user, with the ability to drill down into the details of any record. E.g. you will be able to view a list of all employees that were late for work in a particular month, or the records of employees that failed to meet the company's quality standards.

You will also be able to analyse all disciplinary hearings that have taken place, which will show you how the company has treated similar cases in the past and will guide you towards decisions that are consistent. Once again, you can drill down into any of the hearing records for a more detailed look at what took place.


Various reports can be used to display trends in your company. These reports include information about the most transgressed offences in your company. or can be used to display cyclic trends that take place over a specific time period. The benefit of such reporting is that it changes IR from a reactive process (employee breaks a rule and the company reacts with disciplinarty action) to a proactive process. I.e. if you can see that a particular offence is being committed regularly you may wish to repond proactively, by means of a management intervention, to prevent or reduce its occurance. This not only provides you with information that isolates specific problem areas in your company, but also provides feedback on whether or not such interventions have been successful.

Print Reports

Network enabled  and multi user

Create multiple users that can access centralised data over a network. The user login is password protected to create an additional level of security. Professional edition has extended user control that allows you to limit certain users to specific areas or functions in the program.  


When a user processes any disciplinary action, their name will be linked to that record. In Professional Edition you can filter information in  the global overview so that you can view all the disciplinary action that each user has processed.

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