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Basic Edition

LabourPro® Basic Edition is aimed at small businesses with fewer than 5 employees. This compact, yet powerful package was designed to bridge the knowledge gap that exists in small businesses when it comes to processing disciplinary actions in the workplace.


The package includes a code of conduct that can be edited to reflect and grade the specific rules of your organisation. This can then be printed from the system, so that employees are made aware of the company rules and what the consequences are for breaking them.

Main Benifits of Basic Edition

Process a warning in 4 simple steps


                                          Step 1                                  Step 2                                  Step 3                                     Step 4 

 Select the employee

Select the offence

Fill in a few details

Print the warning 

The LabourLOGIC™ processor does all the work for you. It checks your code of conduct to determine the severity of the offence, and considers the employee’s history of valid offences. Based on information it automatically determines the appropriate sanction, selects the correct document and transfers all the relevant information to it. All you have to do is click the print button.Because all of the hard work is done for you, a warning should take less than two minutes to process.

Keeping things fair  

To assist you with fairness (a requirement in terms of the Labour Relations Act) LabourPro® Basic Edition has a built in Guilt Wizard™ that takes you through a 3 step process to ensure that you have made the necessary considerations before disciplining an employee.

Guilt Wizard

Process hearings from start to finish

LabourPro® Basic Edition will also assist you to conduct hearings. You will be able to schedule the hearing (with system parameters ensuring that this is done within a legal timeframe) and then print out various documents, including the all important “notification of hearing”, that informs the employee of the charges that he will be facing as well as the rights that he has leading up to, during, and after the hearing.

Findings and sanctions can be assisgned, and your final decision can then be communicated to the employee, e.g. dismissal letter

Notification of disciplinary hearing

View the full history of any employee’s offences

The employee offence history table will give you access to any employee's full history of offences. This includes both active and expired offences (by law all warnings must expire after a certain amount of time), or the ability to view a combination of both lists.

From this table you can drill down to view the full details of any offence. The employee’s disciplinary history can also be printed out to show the summary of the procedures that were followed, and used at disciplinary hearings or the CCMA.


Offence History

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